What We Can Do For You

What We Will Do For You.

Use the latest in inspection software that combines narrative details, comments and digital photographs.

Generates the report on site and if you the buyer desires, email or mail the report in PDF format to any person you choose.

Flexibility is the key to a happy inspection, meeting your schedule, on weekends and even evening inspections can be arranged.

Affiliate member with the Glendale Board of Realtors with lock box access.

WPI inspectors are certified by the Arizona Board of Technical Registration.

All inspectors are full members and in good standing with the Inter-National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI).

Swimming pools/spas and sprinkler systems are included at no charge.

WPI is bonded, licensed and has E & O insurance to protect you.

What does WPI inspect?

WPI will do the above but what will the inspection cover?  The inspection will cover over 300 items of potential concerns to identify deficiencies in the home including but not limited to the following:


The inspector identifies the structure of the building in terms of materials used and type of construction, depending on the accessibility to the inspector. He checks for problems in the various structural systems of the building, including the foundation, floor, wall,  roof framing and attic area.


The Inspector visually inspects the roof and exterior walls and notes deficiencies. Roof runoff controls and landscape drainage are checked and improvements are recommended where necessary. We check steps, walks, drives for voids, surface problems, and safety hazards.


The inspector scans the wall, floor, and ceiling surfaces for problematic conditions, such as visible evidence of water penetration, potentially dangerous or toxic materials, fire hazards, or security breaches. He checks ventilation and energy conservation aspects as well.


The inspector operates the built-in appliances and notes deficiencies. Equipment inspected includes, but is not limited to: cabinets, counters, sink(s), dishwasher, disposer, oven/range, cook top, and kitchen ventilation.

Heating and A/C

The inspector checks the heating and air conditioning equipment and notes any deficiencies. He operates the equipment as temperatures permit.


The inspector checks piping and fixtures throughout the house for functional flow. He checks the system for unsanitary conditions and potential repairs, such as spillage/overflow. He surveys the tile work and domestic water heating equipment as well.


The inspector checks the existing electrical system for sufficient capacity and safety. He evaluates the system in terms of its current condition and considers its suitability for future intended use.

At Wilson Property Inspections we inspect every home as if our family was living in it.

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