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Sellers Information

Why inspect a currently owned home?

WPI asks the question to those individuals who are thinking about selling your home.

Do you as a current owner know all the hidden defects in you present home?

You, the homeowner, are thinking of selling your home.  It gives you a lot of apprehension as to what may be wrong with you home.  By getting a pre-sale home inspection you can know what you will have to repair prior to putting your home on the real estate market.  So when an individual does bid on your home you can rest assured as to what the buyer’s home inspector will not find.  This pre-sale home inspection will help you find those hidden defects that are above and beyond the normal home owner maintenance items.  Some of these may be serious flaws that slipped past or were not noticed during the numerous building code inspections at the time of the homes initial construction.  On the average most homes have from 5 to 15 or perhaps even more building defects that were not caught during the building process.  And in some cases if the home is still under the builders warranty period the builder can correct the problems.

Why a WPI Inspection?

The selling of a home can be a trying and time consuming ordeal.  You should know exactly what to expect, inside and out in terms of repair and maintenance before you sell.  The truth is, without a thorough home inspection, you as the seller can never really know what defects may exist in your current home.  Our professional home inspection can help you negotiate the best price for your home and notify you of things that may need costly repair or further investigation prior to putting it onto the real estate market.

Through our expert home inspection, you can also uncover any hidden safety issues.  After your WPI inspection, you will have a much clearer understanding of the state of your house.

At Wilson Property Inspections we inspect every house as if our family was living in it.

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