Inspection Info

Your inspection will cover over 300 items such as:

Structure:  building materials, construction; such as walls, floors, and roof framing

Exterior:  visually inspects the roof, exterior walls, and landscape as well as site drainage.  We will check the steps, walkways and drives for any defect.

Interior:  visually inspect the interior for evidence of water penetration, potentially dangerous or toxic materials, fire hazards security breaches, ventilation, or safety hazards.

Kitchen:  operates the built in appliances, inspects such things as but not limited to cabinets, counters, sink(s), dishwasher, disposal, over/range, cook top(s) and the ventilation for the kitchen.

Heating and AC:  checks and operates the heating and air conditioning when temperatures permit.

Plumbing:  checks the plumbing fixtures, piping through out the house to test for water flow.  Also the tile and domestic water heating equipment as well.

Electrical:  checks the existing electrical system for capacity and safety.

Your WPI inspection will usually take from 3 to 5 hours.   And you as the potential home buyer can be there the entire inspection or arrange to come at the end of the inspection to be briefed as to what the inspector found during the inspection.

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