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Wayne, that report was awesome!  I could never have remembered all the areas that needed attention. Plus I can take the photos with me to Home Depot to show what I’m talking about.  Again, thanks for the excellent inspection job.

Jim L.


I appreciate your efforts. I think you accomplished exactly what I had in mind. I have already printed the reports so I have a hard copy for my records. I’ll only need your help if the builder is uncooperative in resolving the issues you noted..

Thanks for being so prompt and helpful. I’ll remember you in the future.

John O.



How are you?   It’s Dave and Janine just thanking you for a job well done.   We are proceeding with the sale and might see you in AZ.

Thanks  Dave


Thank you so much for a wonderful inspection experience… My clients really appreciate all your time you took with them; you made this a wonderful experience for them.

Thanks again for a great job and it was great meeting you too.

Tammy B


Outstanding job Wayne.

I want to thank you for your time and expertise. It was a pleasure meeting with you. I will definitely keep in touch. It’s always good to have a reliable person to refer to my clients on my team of experts.

Thank You! Have a Great weekend!

Johsua C


Good morning Wayne,

Thank you very much for providing an ‘excellent’ service and the prompt reports!   You are so…efficient!

Trang N.



Kevin and I really enjoyed working with you too, and we both agreed we would recommend you to everyone who we know in need of a quality home inspection.   I will examine the reports when I get the chance, and will get back with you for any questions I may have.

Thanks again, Wayne. Hope you have a good week.




Thank you for coming on short notice. My co-workers that have seen your report are very impressed. I see your service as a tremendous value.

Mike W.

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